Friday, August 27, 2010

SEE AT BENDIGO POTTERY -in front gallery

EASTERN ROSELLAS - Prints of this watercolour painting are now available. It's "sister" painting of Rainbow Lorikeets is also available as a pair in various sizes from A5 (print size) @ $95.00 framed each. A4 (print size) $160.00 framed each and A3 (print size) @ $195.00 framed each. If Bendigo Pottery have sold out - please email me on or go to my website and order on the order page. These prints are all a limited edition of only 30 of each size and are printed on quality watercolour paper, with archival inks, all are a product of excellence. Only available direct from Bendigo Pottery or the Gail's studio (as above). $8.00 postage to anywhere. (if overseas prints can be sent without glass)


THE MAP - Acrylic on canvas - approx 28" x 28" square. This painting was inspired by an aerial view showing roads and green spaces, water etc. The viewer can journey to their own location through a web of roads and laneways, through forests and fields of the imagination and interpret their own destination whenever they wish to do so. Colour and form ebb and flow in this painting. Available at Mainland Finance, 114 Queen Street, Bendigo. Please phone Geoff or Pauline for a time to view on
(03) 54441995 This abstract is available for $450.00