Tuesday, April 17, 2012


HISTORIC AND NOSTALGIC - This 40th. Anniversary of Bendigo Trams ceasing to run as a passenger service can be seen in the many gorgeous images that I took in 1972. THEY SHOW THE VERY ESSENCE OF BENDIGO AT THAT TIME - THE TRAMS, THE CARS, THE PEOPLE AND THE STREETSCAPE WHICH HAS CHANGED SO MUCH. I WILL BE POSTING MORE IMAGES SOON showing the "Now and Then" views of our wonderful streetscape, so do keep watching this space. Please feel free to comment back to my email if you wish on: gtavener@tpg.com.au

HISTORIC - NOSTALGIC - THE END OF AN ERA .....THESE ARE WONDERFUL PHOTOGRAPHS- Perfect for Collectors or those who remember - THIS WAS BENDIGO in 1972. NEW CARDS AND JOURNALS NOW AVAILABLE: Yes I have just reproduced images onto beautiful "blank" cards with coloured envelopes and handmade journals for that extra special Tram Buff in your life at just $24.00 each (CARDS AND JOURNALS ALSO AVAILABLE AT THE TRAM DEPOT).

BENDIGO TRAMS....THIS IS THE 40TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE END OF AN ERA. ON 16th. APRIL, 1972 THE FINAL TRAM MADE IT'S WAY TO THE DEPOT AFTER THE STATE ELECTRICITY COMMISSION DECIDED TO STOP SERVICES APPARENTLY DUE TO FINANCIAL REASONS. I was lucky to be able to take a series of photographs both colour and black and white images one week before the trams stopped and now the collection has been reproduced for people to see and enjoy. All photographs can be purchased in several different sizes so that you can own a piece of Bendigo History and enjoy it forever. THE COMPLETE COLLECTION is available for viewing at my Art Studio at 76 Emmett Street, Golden Square (Please phone for a viewing and/or purchase of a print (03) 5442 4006) PRICES: 6" x 8" print $45.00 10" x 8" print $65.00 12" x 8" print $95.00 Very large prints on canvas $350.00 and extra large print on canvas $550.00. THESE ARE ALL COLLECTORS PIECES and come mounted and backed with acid free mounting along with Certificate of Authenticity. They are all numbered and signed by myself. YOU CAN ALSO VIEW MUCH OF THE COLLECTION AT THE NEW RETAIL SHOP AT THE BENDIGO TRAMWAYS DEPOT, Tramways Place, Bendigo. All images are at Studio prices at the depot and the friendly staff would love to help you with your purchase.

You can also look up www.bob.net.au/gallery where you may find other pics from my exhibition "The Last Days of Bendigo Trams - 1972" which was at Bob Boutique and Gallery, Williamson Street, Bendigo last year.
MY EMAIL CONTACT IS: gtavener@tpg.com.au

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


A FEW MORE PICTURES FOR YOUR ENJOYMENT - Taken at home during my Easter Exhibition. May and Den in the Courtyard checking out some paintings. Pam and Ray on rainy Monday when we had to rearrange all outside areas so that nothing got wet. A couple of photos taken of me in the outside undercover area we set up especially for the Easter weekend. Thank heavens we have a lovely gallery room which is now full to the brim with lovely paintings. Another picture of our gorgeous dragon flag in the garden and some of Kev's Quirky Birds. Lots to see always - do make the effort if in Bendigo or if you are local, I am only minutes away from you so please phone me to make a time to come along. (03) 5442 4006

Saturday, April 7, 2012


THIS WILL BE THE LAST TIME I HAVE MY ANNUAL EASTER EXHIBITION. I have had 18 Exhibitions here at home over the past
26 years (obviously there were a few times where it was not possible to exhibit for one reason or another) however, it has always been a pleasure to have so many wonderful people come to the studio and enjoy the ambience and artworks. THE STUDIO WILL STILL BE OPEN AT ANY TIME UPON REQUEST - JUST PHONE ME ON (03) 5442 4006 OR EMAIL ME ON:- gtavener@tpg.com.au to ask any questions - thank you. I just don't have the energy to do all the setting up work required
any more.
This year the blog is useful to show some of the lovely people who have attended on Saturday - children xavier and Orlando who were fascinated with Kevins sculpture - Ken and his grandchildren relaxing in the garden, Craig from Bendigo in the gallery, Des and Rhonda from Bendigo in the courtyard and Jan and Doug from Melbourne in the gallery. Some of Kev's sculpture and a couple of quick shots of the outside areas of the exhibition as well - come along and enjoy.