Tuesday, March 27, 2012


"FACES OF BENDIGO" I will be launching these new gorgeous cards at my Easter Exhibition 2012. The idea has been brewing since I first thought of it in 1966 - yes- that is correct 46 years ago. The digital age has helped me to finally get my act together and publish photos, many of which were taken originally in the 1960's. I have also taken many others to get the collection together. The series of cards still have the last few to be completed, but I can offer 18 different designs to get you out there hunting for these elusive faces. Each card has a particular area to hunt (i.e. Rosalind Park, The Law Courts etc) Terrific cards showcasing Bendigo in a slightly different way, ideal to collect, to send and/or to use to hunt down the faces - great fun for the whole family. There are four in the series of faces at my Art studio, come and find them too - we'd love to see you. Simply phone me first (03) 5442 4006 to make a time or contact me on gtavener@tpg.com.au for more information. These cards are also available at Bendigo Visitor Information Centre.

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